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This is the time where you must express the vision you have for your event or wedding. How do you want your guest experience to be? What type of cuisine will you serve? There are tons of details that we will need to gather. Are you looking to create a certain theme, or do you need an open concept venue for a conference? No event is too big or too small. Our clients’ budgets range from $5,000 and up for meetings and special events and $25,000 and up for weddings. 


After the consultation, we will take the information received and put together a Proposal for your review and further consideration. This will require collaborating with the proper service providers, sourcing elements for décor and collecting pricing. 


After approval of the Proposal and green light to move forward, we will officially begin our event or wedding planning  journey. Using the established budget, I will begin securing the approved locations and or service providers. Depending on the length of time allowed for planning, we can be in contact quite often. We will be ironing out details by way of email, conference calls or in person meetings/meals. Once it is all said and done, we will have a timeline and or sequence of events that are distributed to the proper staff to ensure that your event is set up and on schedule.


The day has finally come! It’s time to see the fruits of our labor come together. Our team will be the first to arrive onsite. We will ensure that everything is visually aesthetic, the room is set up according to the floor plan and the restrooms and common areas are up to par. When you arrive, you will see everyone moving like a well oiled machine. You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your event while providing an experience to your guests that they will be talking about time and time again.


the details

Enchanting Events By Erica Weddings
Erica was AMAZING and was there along the entire journey. She was professional, prompt and was able to capture my vision. Erica we thank you for your patience and a memorable
Anniversary Dinner!!
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